Welcome to Cobbitria.
You've come to Cobbitria all the way from the earth.

I’m Senri as a gatekeeper.
During the system migration of the World Guide, I am temporarily both the gatekeeper and the guiding role.
I provide you with a quick orientation of this world basic,
... Sorry, I’m still new to the job. so, I work while reading a manual.
Ummm ... well, the earth ... earth, The person who came from the earth ..., I see.
I might think that a topic familiar to your heart ... Let’s begin with this.

Where the roots of the “Trineko” world tree get to, there is a land.
“Aven”, the land of gods, held together with the first root.
The second root is to “Sphäre”, the land of the law of MaTa (magic) .
Between these two lands, in a place a little closer to the realm of the gods,
there is a floating garden “Hügel” where the flying alchemist “Airlch” lives.

In Hügel, one of the species that live with Airlch is the “Cleω¨” — On Earth, they called “cats” —
Until the moon meets the eastern sky, and then again ... As you know, they sleep most of the time, but there is a little secret hidden.

From here on,
you can see with your own eyes and get to know the life of Cleω¨.